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Business Model

Sales Model:  RPD Sensor and Assay kits =  Printer / Cartrdige

Sales Plan:

  1. Exclusive strategic agreements with large global companies for specific markets
  2. Direct sales to US Water Utilities
  3. International distributors and strong product pipeline to expand global coverage

Market Entry and Disruption

  1. Rapid "Live/Dead" Legionella Assay for water treatment market
  2. Rapid Crypto/Giardia Assay for gray water and water ReUse markets
  3. Portable/Mobile Water Lab for on-site water pathogen testing


Sales and Marketing Strategy

 Safe-H2O will build a direct sales force for the US.  Use of online and print media, along with participation in key industry conferences will build our brand and product awareness while building market preference for our products.  We will also explore strategic partnerships in various market segments. With US sales established, we will then expand to distribution partners in Europe and Asia through existing networks. Distribution relationships for the US are also being evaluated.