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Target Market

The total global waterborne pathogen testing equipment and consumables market today is ~$1.4B with the rapid pathogen testing segment at just under $1B.  Annual market growth in the Asia-Pacific region is projected to be 12-18% while growth in the developed countries is expected to be in the 5-7% range.  Growth is driven by the expanding list of pathogens testing being required by the regulators and global organizations like the EPA and WHO. The projected rapid pathogen testing market size is expected to reach $1.5B by 2020.

Customer problem

 Most of the currently used detection systems are based on 40 year old technology. The cycle time for results ranges from 24 to 96 hours, depending on the pathogen. Cost per result varies from $25 to $500, again depending on the pathogen. The time to result and cost per result leads to many global issues. Last year 16 million people were hospitalized due to exposure to waterborne pathogens. The WHO reports that 3.4 million people die annually, mostly children, from waterborne diseases. The cost to the US health care system each year for pathogens in our drinking is over $500 million. 240,000 times last year industrial customers in the US stopped production for at least 1 day due to interruption of water supply resulting from contamination testing associated with maintenance on broken water mains. The long cycle time for pathogen tests contributed to the extent of exposure and duration of production downtime. New molecular assay and sample prep technology exists to solve this problem.