About Safe-H2O Inc.

Safe-H2O Inc. is a water bio detection company providing rapid pathogen test systems and data services; assisting water managers and water treatment service providers in reducing fatalities and illness related to waterborne pathogens and assuring sustainability of water systems.

Company Summary

Safe-H2O Inc. is a focused on delivering rapid waterborne pathogen diagnostic systems, providing the best comprehensive multi-pathogen detection technology for water: enabling global water managers, commercial water systems and water utilities to protect human health, strengthen environmental protection and reduce fatalities and illnesses from waterborne pathogens.  We market our products to: laboratories who offer water quality analyses; water suppliers; water treatment service providers and water authorities with responsibility for managing and monitoring water quality.

Safe-H2O's Goal:

Transform water quality management: Significantly lower long turnaround time for test results to dramatically reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases

Products and Services

Safe-H2O’s Inc. Rapid Pathogen Detection (RPD and RPD Pro) Systems are relatively small in size, slightly larger than 1 cu. ft., and weighing less than 20 lbs. making them suitable for both fixed based and mobile labs. Our systems will be the premier fully functional multi-pathogen detection systems on the market. The systems consists of an Analyzer and consumable membrane disks. These systems are easy to use, portable, deliver rapid results and are cost effective. Our systems automate waterborne pathogen testing and shift the paradigm in this market segment.  Safe-H2O’s water pathogen test system will deliver results from a prepped sample in 30 minutes. The total time to result from collecting and prepping the sample is less than 4 hours. Customers can perform multiple assays and detect multiple pathogens from one sample. The RPD Reader will deliver results to a tablet and also store results in a secure cloud based portal for easy sharing. The cloud based data management system will be an additional service for our customers. This unique and powerful approach to water pathogen detection will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the pathogen testing market.